Bus Safety Innovation Challenge 2019

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We’re working hard to achieve Vision Zero: a commitment of zero deaths or serious injuries on London’s roads and public transport network by 2041. London’s Buses are key to this and we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Bus Safety Innovation Challenge, which will help us achieve this. 🎯

The Innovation Challenge aims to identify new, innovative products and solutions which will improve the safety of the London bus network.

We are looking for products which will address known safety issues on London buses, or reduce the harm caused to known casualty groups. To help you get started, here’s a summary of the research we’ve done on bus safety.

How to join the Innovation Challenge

We are inviting safety product suppliers and innovators to join up with London bus operators to submit a joint application to the Innovation Challenge.

Applications are welcomed which meet the eligibility criteria:

  • The product should address a known bus safety issue
  • Must not already have been trialled on a London bus
  • Can’t be something we’re already working on with a performance-based specification

All applications must be supported by a London bus operator or manufacturer who should be the lead applicant.

Applications close on 21 June 2019. Submissions will need to secure support beforehand, so please let us know by 10 May 2019 if you intend to apply.

Connecting with our operators

We are providing opportunities for safety product suppliers to present their innovation to London’s bus operators, to discuss their products and make contact for the application stage.

If you are interested in applying for the Innovation Challenge, send us a short two page summary expressing your interest to the email address below. We will then pass innovations which match the eligibility criteria onto bus operators.

If they’re interested, there will be an opportunity via a competitive process to run a trial of new products on their buses.

To find out how to take part, please contact [email protected] for more details.

Read the Innovation Challenge 2019 introduction and guidelines.

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