Legible London

Couple checking a Legible London map

There are over 1,700 signs on the streets of London – look out for the distinctive navy blue and yellow signs to help you get around.

The history of Legible London

Legible London is our wayfinding project designed to provide better information throughout the Capital for people who want to walk. 🚶‍♀️ It’s also integrated with public transport information so you can quickly identify the route to your destination.

We work with the London Development Agency, and in partnership with London boroughs, to develop a way of providing coordinated walking information across the Capital, offering benefits for our transport system, for public health, the economy, tourism and the environment.

Shoppers checking a Legible London map
Legible London signs have been helping people find their way around London for over 10 years

Legible London street signs, printed walking maps for retail, tourism and business activities, digital maps, smartphone apps, integrated public transport information – and a unique walking identity for London.

The mapping system is also used on all Santander Cycles docking stations 🚲, in Tube stations 🚇, at bus stops 🚏 and many other places.

Find out more about walking in London and download the Walking Tube map.

You might even see the signs at cities across the world as part of our collaborations with international organisations to encourage more walking.

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