Reimagine your city car-free

Car Free Day is celebrated across the world, and this year The Mayor invites you to join London’s biggest Car Free Reimagine events on Sunday 22 September!

Reimagine gives Londoners the chance to enjoy the city car-free and reclaim our streets while walking, cycling and exploring 🌳.

Taking place across 20km of traffic-free roads in central London and events and Play Streets in participating boroughs, everyone can enjoy fun, free activities like yoga and meditation, cycling, pop-up picnic areas, live entertainment and more! 🎉

Reimagine events will be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

How we’re making London greener 🍃🚍

A healthier, greener city for all

  • We’re working with the Mayor to create safe, green and pleasant streets, new cycle routes and crossings, encouraging school children to walk to school and growing our successful Santander Cycles scheme

Let London breathe

  • The Mayor is tackling London’s toxic air from creating the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone in Central London to cleaning up London’s buses and taxis
  • We’re encouraging Londoners to walk, cycle, use public transport and choose low emission vehicles to reduce harmful emissions

Swap a car trip every week

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Do your bit and swap that trip – how you can make London greener

🚶 🚴

Help clean up London’s air by swapping one car trip a week to walking, cycling or using public transport where you can. There are many little trips taken every week that don’t always need the car.

🚶‍♀️ Extend your workout by walking or cycling to the gym instead

🚇 Take your family on a day trip using public transport

🚍 Try getting the bus and benefit from our off-peak Hopper fares which gives you unlimited journeys for £1.50, made within one hour of touching in

🧘‍♀️ Go on a mindfulness guided walk with our special audio series in partnership with Headspace

🚲 Ride a Santander Cycle, you can hire a bike from as little as £2

📍 Use our public transport for a part of your journey or the whole way. Read what we’re doing to make the network more accessible

If you do need to drive, you could:

🚐 Join a car club which is a cheaper and flexible alternative to owning a car

🔌 Go electric. Electric cars have zero exhaust emissions!

💭 Think about how you drive by turning off your engine when you’re parked or in traffic for a long time and drive as smoothly as possible

Tips for your next online shop:

🛒 For home deliveries, try getting all your packages sent in one go and pick a green delivery slot

🏪 Walk to collect your parcel from a nearby store instead

Get involved 🙌

  • Plan your journey and check before you travel
  • Commit to more car free journeys for the next year with our 25% off yearly membership for Santander Cycles​.! Use code PledgeCarFree 48 hours from midnight on 22 September
  • Invite your friends and help spread the word! 📣

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