Baby on Board – Q&A with Babyzen and Tommy’s

Guests and presenter sit in a Q&A session

We got together with our Baby on Board sponsors Babyzen and Tommy’s baby charity to discuss using our network when pregnant or with a buggy 👶. The session was broadcast live across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Midwife Amina joined us from Tommy’s charity which provides midwife led accredited info on pregnancy health and they also fund research into the causes of pregnancy loss.

Kate from Babyzen strollers provided advice on travelling with babies and toddlers in the city. She’s an expert on buggies and demoed how to fold a YOYO buggy as well as useful accessories and features.

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Questions from our customers for Amina and Kate 📝

🗣 Question from Amy

What’s the proper procedure for boarding a bus and paying?

Communicate with the driver who can help by lowering the bus for you so it’s easier to board. Board the bus at the front. If you need to use the back exit doors make sure to check with the driver first. Once you’ve boarded and secured the buggy and child you can touch in with your Oyster or payment device.

There are spaces for buggies however wheelchair users have priority in these spaces because it’s the only place they can travel. If your buggy is in the space and a wheelchair user needs to board, be prepared to share the space or move. You might need to fold your buggy. You won’t be made to leave the bus but please do whatever you can do to accommodate the wheelchair user.

🗣 Question from Carrie

How do I know what stations are step-free?

You can find info about step-free access including a special map on the TfL website and pick up a Baby on Board leaflet at Tube stations. TfL’s Tube map features a blue or white wheelchair symbol at stations that are step-free. To find a route that doesn’t include steps you can use TfL’s journey planner and select one of the ‘access options’ including ‘full step-free access’.

🗣 Question from Steph

When’s the best time to travel on the Tube?

If you can, it should be easier to travel when it’s less busy. The TfL network is usually busier during the morning and afternoon commuting hours from Monday to Friday. TfL shows typical weekday journeys on its website to help you decide when to travel. Use the stations, stops & piers travel tool to check individual stations. The info is based on typical weekday journeys.

🗣 Question from Sam

Do I need a baby on board badge to travel and how do I get one?

You don’t have to wear a badge however it can help let others know you have a very good reason for a seat. It might be hard to see if someone is pregnant. Also in the early weeks of pregnancy it might help if you might feel unwell but won’t noticeably show a baby bump. The badge is free and you can order one on TfL’s website. Babyzen are sponsors.

🗣 Question from Mekida

Are you allowed to take a buggy on the escalator?

Yes you can however you should try and use a lift if one is available. Some stations won’t have lifts so if you choose to use the escalator, please take extra care.

Before using an escalator we recommend folding the YOYO with one hand while holding the child with another while you place the YOYO on your shoulder. With the YOYO on your shoulder you can hold the rail with one hand and use the other to hold the child’s hand.

🗣 Question from Joe

Do I need a special buggy to travel on the Tube?

No there is no special buggy to travel on the Tube, but we all know that as a parent travelling anywhere with a new baby or an eager toddler can seem daunting, let alone when navigating one of the busiest cities in the world. So the YOYO+ with its tiny, lightweight but sturdy build is perfect for the job. Also being able to fold/unfold with one hand while holding your child with the other can help build confidence when travelling on public transport even during the rush hour.

🗣 Question from Naz

I’m pregnant and feel overwhelmed travelling on the network. Who can I go to for advice and help living in this busy city?

It’s very normal at some stage in pregnancy to feel overwhelmed because of all of the changes going on around you, your body is changing, circumstances are changing and then you’re navigating life in a busy city! If you feel like things are getting overwhelming always seek advice. Tommy’s has amazing tools on its website which can help, including tips on wellbeing and finding ways of coping with stress and anxiety. There’s also have a mental health app which can guide you through feelings like ‘Is it normal to feel this way?’

Amina is one of a team of midwives who runs one of the pregnancy info lines so you can call and speak to one of the team on 0800 0147 800 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm or email [email protected] to get answers to any questions or queries. Of course, your midwife, GP or health visitor can provide advice and support.

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