Reimagine your city car-free


We celebrated Car Free Day for the first time in 2019 with some fantastic events across London to get Londoners enjoying more car-free trips and activities! But this year we celebrated online throughout the whole of September with competitions and more. 🎉

To help clean up London’s air and get more active, we encouraged Londoner’s to reimagine their city car-free, whether it was switching to cycling the school run, walking part of their commute, or adding in weekend walks with friends. 🌳🚶

But going car-free is not just for Car Free Day. Where possible, we want you to continue enjoying those walking and cycling adventures! 👍

Get involved

Here’s some trips you could switch:

Share your car-free journeys in the comments below 👇

Plan your walking or cycling route

Our Journey Planner can help you plan your walking or cycling routes. You can also use our TfL Go app to plan your route on the move. 📲

Improve your cycle skills

If you want to get back on your wheels, take our free online Cycle Skills course.


    1. Good afternoon! I really like cycling, but now every year it is harder for me to do this! I would really like to have a device like an electronic scooter or a bicycle.

  1. I Have A London Day He Lived On London He Wanted To Be In London To Travel The Day Is Me Thank You For Traveling To London With The Oyster Card

    1. I use bicycle to go to work @ 11 years here in London. Keep me fit, healthy, money economy and nowadays with the pandemic protect me and the others.
      It will be lovely to have. Brompton one 😃 And my Oyster card is my first one till today, first generation.

  2. I would love to participate and I think it is good way to motivate community to come forward and shape a green UK. Prizes looks very good and I wish to win a ProCam for next adventure

  3. The whole idea seems healthy and great fun. looking forward to seeing the implementation of this thought. Good luck

  4. Thanks for this initiative this is good stuff, it will be great to great to walk 4 miles a day. I am interested

  5. What a brilliant idea let’s make every day car free. As a visitor I would never dream of driving in London, just a hassle. Most places are am easy walk from each other. We have to move on from the unfit polluter to the fit pedestrian.

  6. I wish I could win the bicycle! thanks for the good initiative! 🌴🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🌴

  7. I ride the bike to gym and walk to work. My son walk to School. Great experience!!!, Healthy and relaxing

  8. Great initiative!

    Changing behaviour to support a more sustainable way of transport is the way forward. It is a long-term
    ambition and will take many Car-Free Days and Months to materialise.

    Result: Cleaner air, more sustainable ways to get around and healthier & more happy Londoners

    1. Phasing out dirty Diesels as quickly as possible, or ban from driving / parking in inner London

    2. Opening up London to cycling and walking (more Street Spaces are needed) thus giving people real, viable alternatives to travel

    3. Support new ways of travelling, e.g. e scooters, subsiding hybrid and electric car sharing.

    London, we can do it!

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