Celebrating Black History Month

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We strive for diversity and inclusivity across all of our teams and departments. So, to celebrate Black History Month, and to encourage more diversity and better representation across the industry, we’ve spoken to three fantastic women within our Commercial Development team to share their wisdom and tips. 👇 

Patience, Business Data Analyst

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Patience is one of our business data analysts. She’s shared her tips to encourage more diversity within the industry:  

  • Be a role model – whether it’s as a mentor or colleague, we can all motivate each other to improve 
  • Choose your own goals – hold yourself to your own standard rather than anyone else’s 
  • Use the data available to inform how you can make the workplace better 
  • Recognise your privilege and ask yourself how you can use your platform? You can be the one to bring forward positive change 
  • Be realistic and manage expectations. I try to teach my children what the world is like so they won’t get a shock and fall at the first hurdle 
  • Work for a company that you can feel proud of. I contribute to TfL’s role as a landlord and I stay driven knowing that what I do is helping us care and provide for the small businesses on our estate 

Sovina, Principal Property Surveyor 

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Sovina, one of our Principal Property Surveyors, has shared some words of wisdom for those starting out in the construction and property industry. As a member of and assessor for RICSshe is a role model for many of those taking their steps into the sector: 

  • Get a mentor! They can help you navigate your way to success. This can be through a scheme or maybe your manager can recommend one for you
  • Be inquisitive and ask questions. Not only about your department, but about how other departments work in parallel to yours. It will only make you more rounded
  • Don’t make yourself small or focus on those that are discriminatory. Focus on your goals, everything else is a distraction
  • Create a legacy – join network groups and do your bit to make a difference for the ones that come after you
  • Be kind to everyone! It doesn’t matter if it is the cleaner, a graduate or a director. We are all there for the same purpose. Do your bit to change office culture for the better 

Paige, Apprentice

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Paige is one of our inspirational apprentices at TfL and has already been shortlisted as part of the We Are The City’s Rising Star awards. She has shared some of the key lessons that she’s learnt early on in her career: 

  • Understand who you are and how you want to impact the world. Self-discovery and deliberate practice are what makes the most talented professionals great – not just luck 
  • Use your diversity as a competitive advantage and champion what makes you unique. As Janice Bryant Howroyd says, never comprise who you are to become someone you wish to be professionally 
  • Nobody wins alone – always seek to develop other people. I am strong advocate for this believe that we can help each other out

Franklin, Moves Coordinator

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Franklin, who coordinates workspace moves at TfL, has been playing a vital role in the discussions and activities regarding diversity and inclusion within TfL. He has shared his thoughts and experiences:

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask for time and representation with senior management. A range of perspectives need to be taken into account and it will only make the business stronger
  • Uncomfortable can be good. I recently hosted a discussion with senior managers that challenged them on what they believed diversity was and how diverse they are in their own lives. It wasn’t always an easy conversation and it was nerve-wracking, but it made everybody think
  • Consider reverse mentorship. Within our directorate, we are working with senior leadership to provide them with mentors so they can learn more about others’ experiences and cultures
  • It takes a brave person to share their experiences – it’s not just those who have been affected by racism or discrimination either. We need people to talk about when they’ve made mistakes and how they’ve changed their behaviour – this level of openness will help to encourage further change and there’s no shame in showing how you’ve reformed

Have you got any other career tips? Share them in the comments below 👇

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  1. I just took the Victoria line from Victoria station and I loved your Black History Month poster display on the way in to the tube, many thanks!

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