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October update 2021

In our latest webinar, we explored audiences within the post-COVID-19 Capital with our media partners Metro and Global and it’s safe to say London Underground audiences are back!

The session was hosted by LBC presenter Iain Dale. He was was joined by a panel of experts from TfL, Global and Metro. Key takeouts from the session include:

👉 London Underground audiences are back, with huge numbers travelling around the Capital again. Currently a diverse mix of over 4 million unique users each week.

👉 The rush hour is also back with morning peaks at 8am on the network, as commuters return to their offices. Many people are more alert to Outdoor advertising and are enjoying being away from their screens.

👉 Consumer confidence is high – people are confident to travel on the Tube, plan ahead, book breaks, events and more. Christmas will be more important than ever for spending and socialising.

👉 This is just the beginning of normal life returning to London. People expect to increase their use of the Tube from October and into 2022.

London Underground audiences are back!

Global’s Audience Director – Mick Ridley – stated, sometimes it’s nice to be wrong. The audience levels on the Tube have far exceeded expectations. We have seen some incredibly encouraging numbers across the network since September.

With over 4 million unique passengers travelling every week (compared to 7 million in the whole month of August), we’re seeing those commuter and leisure audiences start to use the network more frequently as they adopt their pre-pandemic routines.

Even in the first week of two new Tube stations opening (Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms), there were 100,000 entries and exits.

‘So many people are combining commuting and leisure. They’re not just going into the office and coming home, they’re really taking advantage of that trip to go have drinks, socialise and head to the theatre.’

– Sarah Gale, Director of Research and Insight

The rush hour has returned and commuters are enjoying being back

With the much-awaited return to office finally here, there’s been a 62% increase in the commuter travel time entries and exits (8-9am, Mon-Fri).

But how are those commuters feeling about being back in the hustle and bustle of city life again?

Global asked exactly that question to a research panel. 2 in 3 people said they’ve really loved being back in the city. People have realised what they didn’t know they missed – like commuting time to themselves and socialising with colleagues.

Our data shows that in July people making one or two journeys: now in September it’s two or three journeys. 3 in 5 Mail Metro readers have said that their commute is valuable “me time”.’

– Luke Hand, Mail Metro Media’s Head of Insight

Consumer confidence is high

It’s been a priority for TfL that passengers using transport throughout London are safe and as a result, feel safe when travelling to their destination.

Research has shown that this increase in confidence has encouraged customers to plan ahead, whether that’s for holidays, big events and even Christmas.

‘70% of those who have used the network over the past seven days feel confident to do so. We think that’s a really good window into how many people will be travelling in the future.’

– Mark Evers, Transport for London’s Chief Customer Officer

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It’s only getting better

The return of the Capital doesn’t end here.

People are feeling safe and comfortable to enter back into their old routines in a new way. As 2022 fast approaches, the experts agreed that we can only expect to see more from audiences in the New Year.

TfL, Metro and Global will be there to monitor all the action and deliver the best incomparable insight and data to the industry.

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