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TfL, Metro and Global – the Same but Different

  • Moderator
    • Shelagh Fogarty (LBC)
  • Panelists
    • Ted Young (Editor, Metro)
    • Ollie Deane (Director of Commercial Outdoor and DAX (Global)
    • Brian Woodhead (Director of Customer Service Director, TfL)
  • First broadcast 26 November 2020

Our debut webinar focused on our response to the coronavirus pandemic. Together with Global and Metro, we discussed the facts and realities of clearing the network during the crisis, keeping critical workers on the move safely and our plans to steadily reopen London and support its sustainable recovery.

As a critical public service, the Tube is essential to the success of London, whether it’s helping key workers make their journeys or supporting millions of passengers daily to carry out their essential journeys and personal business. 🚇 ðŸĒ ðŸĨ

During the crisis we reacted decisively and adapted the way we operate to meet the challenge of continuing to make the network available to key workers, making the network safe and communicate the changes to customers. We continue to provide a service that’s safe and reliable – now our focus will be in supporting London’s recovery. 💊

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