Our Independent Disability Advisory Group

Find out how we work with disability experts and people with related lived experiences to make using public transport more accessible including how we’ve responded to coronavirus.

Our Independent Disability Advisory Group (IDAG) is a panel of 10 members, appointed for their lived experience of disability, as well as their extensive expertise and knowledge, of the key issues and barriers to accessing public transport.

IDAG provides strategic and practical recommendations which are based on best practice for inclusivity, informed by evidence and supported by lived experience. Their advice is invaluable. We’re committed to making London more accessible and inclusive; especially with the challenges we all face from coronavirus and the significant changes this has meant for the way that we all work and travel. 🚶🏼‍♀️ 👩‍🦽 🏢

To ensure staff continue to understand and prioritise these issues, we asked a few members to talk about their recent experience of travelling on our network. They shared their thoughts and reflections on accessible transport in London – including the role of our staff in delivering customer service.

IDAG members in an office meeting

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Natalie Doig

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisor at Scope (charity focused on equality for disabled people)
  • Disability rights and transport expert
  • IDAG member

Jean Marc Feghali

  • PHD researcher at Imperial College London
  • Partially sighted
  • IDAG member

Allison Peter

  • Head of Mentoring Services at B.I.T.T Services (consultancy specialising in helping people with disabilities and non-diagnosed difficulties, work independently and businesses empower their employees)
  • Disability expert with specialist knowledge in mental health and neurodiversity
  • IDAG member
  • Someone with anxiety

Joanna Wootten

  • Chair of IDAG
  • Age, disability and inclusion expert
  • Deaf

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