Making cycling accessible in Hounslow

Boy learning to cycle independently on an adapted cycle

We caught up with a local Hounslow resident to hear how TfL funding has provided adapted cycles to people who wouldn’t normally be able to ride. 👏

Hounslow’s inclusive cycling hub

Adapted cycles in Inwood Park

Our team of Healthy Streets Officers manage community projects across nearly all of London’s boroughs to help as many people as possible to walk, cycle and use public transport more often.

In Hounslow, rented adapted cycles were used for inclusive cycling session trials at Inwood Park. With high attendance and great feedback, there was clear demand for a more permanent cycling hub. We paid for a cycle storage container and Hounslow Council bought a set of adapted cycles to make this a reality!

Girls laughing on a tandem cycle

Space to store the cycles means that these sessions can run regularly. Hounslow’s inclusive cycling sessions provide adapted cycles (like trikes, tandems and side-by-side cycles) and free training from Bikeworks cycle instructors to groups that often miss out on cycling. 🚲

Hounslow now has four cycling hubs that run cycling sessions to help families and people from all backgrounds try cycling and enjoy Hounslow’s open spaces. 👍

Cycling is for everyone

Parent and child using adapted cycles

Lots of Hounslow residents have attended the free sessions so far – many come with their carers and parents. The project aims to make cycling accessible to the whole family! ❤️

The sessions are open to anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Hounslow.

Finnley’s story

Boy on a trike with his mum running next to him

Eight-year-old Finnley was able to enjoy free cycling sessions with his mum Elizabeth as part of Hounslow’s Healthy Streets Officer programme.

How did you hear about the project?

I heard about Hounslow’s inclusive cycle sessions through a charity called Short Breaks which is for children and young people with learning difficulties.

What was your experience cycling?

We tried a balance bike before, but Finnley was only able to sit rather than pedal. I was amazed how he pedalled straight away at the session. Finnley got tips from great trainers who used games to build his confidence and skills. He started pedalling backwards but now goes fast and is much better at steering. 👌

What are the benefits of the cycle sessions?

Boys on their adapted cycles in Hounslow's Inwood Park

The sessions get us out and have been beneficial for us both. Cycling is great exercise for Finnley – and for me too! Finnley is autistic and has global development delay with limited speech. The sessions help Finnley’s concentration and help to keep him calm. He has lots of energy which he can burn off and enjoy being outside in parks.

He gets really excited to go to the sessions. We go every two weeks and he’s even made a friend who goes at the same time. His friend likes to go fast on a tricycle which encourages Finnley to catch up and makes him laugh. 🚴 🚴

The scheme really is wonderful. The cycle instructors are so nice and attentive and make cycling fun. We don’t own a tricycle, but after trying various different ones, we’re looking to buy one for him and keep cycling together.

Find the right cycle for you

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