The Northern Line – opportunities for advertisers

Our newest Tube stations on the Northern Line – Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station are exciting additions to our network. They bring Battersea and the local area within 15 minutes reach of the West End, but also to London’s Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising landscape.

Battersea is already known for its up-and-coming status as a popular leisure destination. This regeneration is only boosting this and opening it up to previously unseen audiences. The restaurants and bars, retail experiences and incredible architecture will be a magnet for Londoners and visitors alike. Both stations are expected to see tens of thousands of passengers pass through them each week.

Not only is this outstanding news for the areas themselves, but this opens up a new opportunity for advertisers. It will allow advertisers to take advantage of the brand-new, targeted digital screens. Undoubtedly, these will add value to advertisers targeting affluent residents and shoppers in zone 1 alongside the traditional advertising formats available at the stations.

Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms on the Tube map

Of course, this doesn’t demean the rest of the advertising estate. In fact, data from our world-leading contactless and Oyster system, as well as depersonalised WiFi data, can show us how these digital panels complement the current advertising network while adding the new and vibrant locations of London’s newest transport hubs. 🚇

We can look at the most granular detail of where specific audiences are travelling to. This helps us paint a better picture for advertisers to deliver the most effective campaigns on the network.

The Northern Line extension is unsurpassed at offering advertisers the opportunity to further engage with a dynamic and affluent new audience in an affluent part of central London.

Global, our media partner

We partnered with Global, a leading media owner, to bring you extraordinary advertising across the iconic London Underground network.

With our range of digital and premium poster sites across the entire network, you can be visible to an indisputable valuable audience.

As London recovers from the pandemic, we’re seeing passenger numbers on the network grow and evolve to a new normal. With hybrid working and all shops, restaurants and leisure destinations open, London is once again becoming the bustling city we’ve all missed. We’re working closely with Global to analyse these audiences so brands can deliver the most impactful and effective campaigns.

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