London Cable Car – A star on the London stage

Children inside a cabin on the London Cable Car

Back in June of this year, MyLondon reported our ‘record surge’ of Cable Car passengers after TikTok videos of people using it went viral. 🚠

Since then we’ve seen on average 34,000 passengers using the Cable Car weekly which is 18% increase from 2019. We’ve also seen the busiest week on the Cable Car (August 2021) and reached a milestone of 13 million total journeys since it opened back in 2012! 🤩

It’s clear that the Cable Car has become a firm favourite leisure attraction for Londoners and visitors.

Accessibility ✅

As the ever-growing collection of social media posts have gone to show, the Cable Car is affordable financially for everyone to enjoy (with a single journey costing as little as £4), offering the most unique view of London in a private cabin.

Importantly, It’s also physically accessible for those with disabilities or impairments. Staff are always on hand to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

‘We had our disabled son with us, Lara noticed that he enjoyed his trip and spent a few mins talking to him. She was amazing and gave him time to ask questions and spent as much time as possible with him.

I would like to thank you and her for the amazing service given as it made my son’s holiday extra special.’

‘I came with my family and twin boys who have autism. We asked for assistance and she immediately helped me and the boys as they were struggling to stay and wait in the queue.

Very pleased with her service given. I have experienced very bad service with my twins. It’s a breath of fresh air to see you have such good staff on your front line.’

‘While my wife and two of our grandchildren were in line, a young lady offered to let us ‘jump’ the queue, because I walk with a walking stick. I said thank you but no. When we got to the ticket barrier a man told us we can’t stand for another 15 minutes, so let us go up in the lift, and told us he had informed a colleague to expect us. Another young lady helped us into the car.

The ride was fantastic, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and stayed on for the return journey.’

The remarkable surrounding area ✅

The Cable Car is a brilliant addition to a day out in the surrounding area. From gigs at The O2, MCM, ExCel, it connects these two world-famous venues in one of London’s richest destination zones.

The view from the cabins is constantly changing as the bustling Greenwich Peninsula evolves. This thriving hub is surrounded by a cluster of food markets, cafes, and restaurants. It creates a vibrant atmosphere and making it a popular leisure destination.

There’s plenty to do with a well-connected flight over the Thames.

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