TfL Youth Panel – Q&A

You may not be aware that we have a Youth Panel at TfL. 😯 Our Youth Panel plays an important role in helping to create a transport network that works for young people across London. 👏 

We caught up with Zoë and Miles to find out why they love being a part of the Youth Panel, but first… 👇 

Why is it important we listen to young people?

Children and young people form a large proportion of London’s population – one in three Londoners is under the age of 25. That’s around 2.7 million people! 😱 

Created in 2009, the vision of the Youth Panel is to provide a strong, unified voice for young people at TfL and to ensure that their voices are heard and used in decision-making processes. It consists of around 25 volunteers, aged 16 to 25, who regularly travel in London. 

What work does the Youth Panel do?

The panel has been involved with lots of campaigns, workshops, and discussions with senior decision-makers, including London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, to debate and help address key strategic issues. 👌 

Some of the work includes helping shape the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, the vision that shapes the work TfL does, as well as being involved in various road safety campaigns. 🚇 

Meet our Youth Panel members 👋

We chatted to Zoë and Miles who are current members of the panel to find out why they love being a part of the Youth Panel 👇 


Tell us a bit about yourself  

I’m Zoë, the Diversity and Inclusion Champion for the Youth Panel. I’m currently working as a Students’ Union Officer at the University of Greenwich where I represent all of our students. 

What’s your favourite mode of transport and why? 

I enjoy walking as you’re always learning new things about the places you go, whether that be a new shortcut or a cool shop on your route. I like to explore and take in my surroundings. Buses would come a close second as I like to spend my commute after work relaxed and looking out the window. 

What’s the best thing you have been involved in on the Youth Panel? 

I enjoy designing sessions for Youth Participation Day. I love getting creative and thinking about how we can make the day fun for our attendees. Previously, my group designed an activity where attendees had to build a healthy street. We had them think about the environment, services, and the people using the street, and they had some interesting ideas about what our streets should look like. 

What do you love most about being on the Youth Panel? 

I like that we have so many passionate young people together in a room talking about what matters and using their collective voice to make sure that young Londoners are being considered in TfL’s work. 

How would you sum up the Youth Panel in 3 words 

🤝 Collaborative 
♥️ Passionate 
🤩 Inspiring 

Why should people join the Youth Panel? 

If you have an interest in transport, enjoy working with others to solve problems, and want to be the voice for young people in London, then this could be a great way for you to use your skills and passion to make an impact. 


Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Miles and I’m 17. At the moment I’m working towards my A-Levels in Geography, French, Chemistry and Drama (quite a mix – I know!). I have always had a strong interest in London and its transport infrastructure, especially its history.  

What’s your favourite mode of transport and why? 

I think I would have to say the London Underground. It is such an icon of the city and has created the city of London that we know today. I will always remember riding around the network with my family as a young child and exploring London and the suburbs. Without the London Underground, I don’t think that we would have London – at least in its current form – at all!   

What’s the best thing you have been involved in on the Youth Panel? 

For me, the Youth Participation Day is the highlight of the year. Getting young people involved with the transport systems of our city, and learning about new areas of the city, is always extremely inspiring. The fact that it’s in the London Transport Museum makes it all the better. I will always remember the transport quiz and scavenger hunt that I ran a few years ago and meeting all of the young people who came to visit. 

What do you love most about being on the Youth Panel? 

The Youth Panel is a great place to represent the young people of London on issues surrounding transport. Most students my age use TfL services on a daily basis and so being able to get their views heard where they can be enacted is a true honour. The Youth Panel has also enabled me to work with like-minded young people and different organisations around London and get more of an insight into how the city’s government works. 

How would you sum up the Youth Panel in 3 words? 

🧐 Interesting 
⭐️ Dynamic 
🏆 Rewarding 

Why should people join the Youth Panel? 

People should join the Youth Panel if they are passionate about their city and want to make meaningful change, representing the views of their peers. 

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