Our sustainable tenants

This Earth Day, we’ve rounded up how some of our tenants are championing sustainability and helping to save the planet. From solar panels to electric scooters, there’s plenty of ways to do your bit. 🌎👇

Gramos Coffee, Kings Cross

Perky Blenders in Leytonstone and Finchley Road source their specialty coffee sustainably, championing independent growers. What’s more you if you put that coffee in a reusable cup, there is a permanent discount. 🌱

If you are buying beans, go zero packaging and get a free coffee for good measure! If packaging free coffee is your thing, you’ll also be able to pick it up at Gramos Coffee, Kings Cross! ☕️

Hermanos Coffee Roasters in Victoria are also on a mission to create a socially and environmentally sustainable coffee supply chain. Like Perky Blenders, Hermanos are all about family. The brothers work directly with Colombian growers to celebrate their heritage and culture.

58 and Co. in Haggerston have not just kitted out their arch with distilling equipment and a gin school, but they’ve also installed solar panels, a composter and used plastic taken from the ocean to resurface their front yard. 💡🌊

Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition, Stamford Brook

Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition in Stamford Brook use UV light sanitisation system to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep their water clean. 💦 

Signature Brew in Haggerston use a steam boiler. This recycles excess heat between brewers in order to reduce energy use. They also joined with other breweries on create special beers to highlight COP26. 🍻♻️

My Scooters and Motorcycles in Putney Bridge provide Londoners with electric scooter options from their Putney arch shop. 🛵

Jack’s Garage, Ladbroke Grove

Jack’s Garage in Ladbroke Grove put the retro into retrofit by converting classic VW Beetles and Campers to electric. 🔋

Holland Park Autos in Ladbroke Grove have shown that simple solutions can save businesses money and help save the planet. They have been dividing their space to save money on heating, as well as changing the way they wash their overalls to be more efficient and swapping their lightbulbs to LED. 🌎

Active360 in Kew Bridge have been making their arch more energy efficient with new insulation and lighting. Not only that, but they run regular river clean ups on stand up paddleboards, lifting cups and bottles and other plastic bottles out of the Thames. ♻️

Displaced Fragrances in Hoxton use all natural materials to make their range of candles. You can also get your candle refilled – free for the first refill! Not to mention, their dedication for creating opportunities for disadvantaged young people. Oh, and 10% of profits go to charity. 🕯

Do you have a favourite? Let us know 👇

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  1. What an interesting read! I particularly like the sound of 58 and Co. initiative of used plastic taken from the ocean to resurface their front yard as well as Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition use of the UV light sanitisation system. A special mention to Displaced Fragrances; their whole ethic sounds fantastic and makes me want to go and buy some Candles from them!

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