Advertising on the Elizabeth line

Elizabeth line station

It’s here. 10 years, more than 100km, 10 new stations, one brand-new shiny Elizabeth line. 👑💜

More than one million journeys were made within the first five days of its opening. The Elizabeth line will revolutionise the way people travel across the Capital. It is the largest single increase to central London’s rail capacity in more than 70 years! 👏🏾

It’s a pretty big deal as all the news articles, TV spots and social media posts have shown since launching. It’s not just big for our customers, but for our advertisers too. It has also been the largest single introduction of new Out-of-Home (OOH) sites in one day for a generation – with 329 new panels being brought to the market.


Since the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in 1863, advertising has been intrinsically linked to London’s transport network.

From posters, advertising tonics, and typewriters in the 1920s to full-scale bus wraps and station takeovers, brands have been using London’s transport network as a platform to promote their products and services in eye-catching ways.

Vintage ads at Royal Oak station platform

Purpose-built advertising

Advertising on the London Underground has always been an effective way to reach mass and varied audiences with millions of commuters, visitors and fun-seekers using the network daily.

The difference between the Elizabeth line and the rest of the network is that the advertising frames have been purpose-built into the wonderous architecture at the stations. State-of-the-art technology provides a step-change in terms of flexibility and creativity. There is seven pairs of larger full-motion enabled ribbons, an unmissable giant ultra-HD screen at Tottenham Court Road, and new large-format video walls at Farringdon and coming soon at Bond Street.

Advertising infrastructure is often added as an afterthought to major building projects. However, the advertising team here were actively involved with the main architect from very early in the design stage. A “less is more” approach was taken, always thinking about, passenger flows, viewing angles and importantly the overall design aesthetic. The impact is unmissable.

John Pizzamiglio, Lead for Advertising Strategy

Bigger, brighter, bolder

If you’ve already visited the new line, you’ll notice the sheer quality of the advertising panels with the new launch advertisers including Reed, Schweppes, MoneySuperMarket, Sage and Google.

For the first time, integrated digital platform-edge displays allow advertisers to place products and services to captive audiences in a way that is engaging and unmissable, yet true to the open and uncluttered environment.

London has welcomed the Elizabeth line with open arms and Oyster cards at the ready, and these innovations are just the latest addition to our advertising network.

What people are saying

‘It’s fast, it’s really quiet’

‘I’m like awesome

‘It’s amazing’

has been a lifesaver’

‘I love that it’s very modern. Also, the AC during this hot weather, absolutely love it!’


With our partners Global, we are keen to work with brands of all shapes and sizes to help them see the full potential of these new elements – while the opportunities are vast, the possibilities are endless.

For more info on Elizabeth line advertising, get in touch with Global.

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