IFS Cloud Cable Car

Ten years after opening, the London Cable Car, now renamed as the IFS Cloud Cable Car, continues to be a must-visit attraction! 🚠

After a long-standing sponsorship by Emirates, the London Cable Car has entered a new era with technology company IFS as its new sponsor.

Introducing, the IFS Cloud Cable Car! 🎉

IFS Cloud Greenwich Peninsula and IFS Cloud Royal Docks are the new names of the two terminals.

 ‘Over the last ten years we have seen the Cable Car attract tens of millions of visitors and secure its place as a must-visit UK attraction. The partnership with IFS is an exciting opportunity to continue to build on the success of the most unique part of London’s skyline.’

Josh Crompton, TfL’s Head of the London Cable Car 

Brand activations

Brands will still have the chance to have short-term activations on the attraction, just like Pokémon did in Summer!

Pokémon activated throughout the cabins and terminals to maximise the experience of players and visitors attending the 2022 Pokémon World Championships at the ExCeL conferencing centre.

The cars were rebranded to represent the 18 different Pokémon types. This gave customers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be transported over the River Thames with their favourite Pokémon.  

The future of the London cable car

We’re excited to have the UK’s only urban Cable Car enter this new chapter as IFS Cloud Cable Car, and for all the exciting opportunities that will come with it.

Commercial partnerships and experiential marketing

Find more info on the IFS Cloud Car and other opportunities.

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