Out-of-Home advertising – the giving back story

London bus on road

Working collaboratively, Transport for London, Clear Channel, Global, JCDecaux, as well as the Out-of-Home (OOH) trade body, Outsmart, have produced a report highlighting the positive social impact of Out-of-Home advertising.

OOH and London advertising

The impact of OOH advertising, particularly in London, is truly significant – London without OOH advertising wouldn’t be London at all. Just imagine for a moment Piccadilly Circus without the iconic Piccadilly lights, or buses without the latest London shows showcased on their sides. Or Tube stations not promoting the latest films, West End shows or podcasts as you descend down escalators or wait at a platform.

Out-of-Home advertising has a positive story to tell about the influence it has outside of the media world.

Working on this report alongside Clear Channel, Global, JCDecaux and Outsmart has encouraged us to highlight the benefits that result from this industry’s wide-ranging initiatives.

Every pound that TfL raises through commercial activity is re-invested straight back into the network to help keep London moving.

We look forward to continuing to work with our media partners to keep supporting an industry that has such a significant social impact across London.

John Pizzamiglio

Lead for Advertising Strategy, Transport for London

Yet it goes even deeper than that. Because it is a media channel like no other. A channel which gives back to the communities it serves by providing substantial funding to local authorities and transport companies to invest back into improved public services.

Out of Home advertising provides substantial investment into valued public services up and down the country.

This new report explores how that works in London and the key message is that Out of Home is not ‘just’ about fantastic advertising – it also plays a wider role in community participation, social conversation and supporting innovative economic growth.

Tim Lumb

Director, Outsmart

Social impact and advertising

The positive social impact of the OOH industry is lived and breathed by media owners every day, and that’s the story that this report seeks to tell… One that’s been untold for far too long – the giving back to London story.

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