The TfL brand – globally recognised, locally loved 

Roundel over entrance to Knightsbridge Station

If London was a movie, TfL would be the main character. People want to take pictures with us (and the instantly recognisable roundel in the background). They want our autograph (in the classic Johnston font). They even want to see what we’re wearing at premieres (regal purple at the Elizabeth line launch was a particular showstopper!) 

With our intellectual property (IP) widely regarded as authentic symbols of London, it’s no wonder other brands want to use our world-famous assets for collections, films and promotional purposes. 

Let’s start by looking at the history of our brand IP… 

Timeline graphic entitled 'The proud history of an iconic brand'

TfL has always been the city’s internal cog, connecting everyone to everywhere and everything. Over the past 160 years, we’ve amounted a relationship of trust amongst both Londoners and visitors, resulting in a cultural significance that can’t be ignored.  

Globally recognised, locally loved 

It’s not just that we’re trusted that makes us so desirable to brands. According to a study carried out by Nielsen (2020), the London Underground roundel is even more recognisable than Mickey Mouse! 

Graph depicting the recognisability of TfL iconography

The TfL brand is more recognisable than other global icons

The design excellence and heritage of each of our icons keeps them front-of-mind when you ask someone to think of London. Even the phrase ‘Mind the gap’ is a voice that echoes across the city, firmly embedding itself as a sound of London. This immediate and natural recognition is another reason we hold so much value for brands.  

Past collaborations with Kurt Geiger and The London Sock exchange

The power of our brand 

The most recent head turner was Maybelline’s CGI campaign for a new mascara. The campaign took the internet by storm and trended after just one day on social media. 

Even though the activation wasn’t real, the sight of a Tube train and London bus donning eyelashes caused quite the stir. Utilising our icons and aligning with our brand allowed Maybelline to transform their product launch into something extremely unique, in a way that no other environment could have allowed for.  

Over the years, many other brands have aligned with TfL, from gaming, TV shows and sporting celebrations. To make an impact in London, turn heads and be recognised the world over, TfL is the brand to align with to achieve this goal.  

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do so. Whether through commercial partnerships, brand licensing or through filming, we license our IP to brands looking to make this impact. 

Partner with us 

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