TfL Youth Panel Exploration

Over a 12-month period, the TfL Youth Panel embarked on a research exploration project into the intersection between environmental sustainability with equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

They concluded with a publication of a report they authored: “Tomorrow’s TfL: The Youth Panel’s vision for the future”. You can read the report here.

The final report sets out nine policy recommendations, grouped into four themes, that the Youth Panel has devised on how TfL and the Mayor of London can make transport in London more sustainable in ways that are inclusive to different groups of people. 

TfL Youth Panel, launch of report ‘Tomorrow’s TfL: The Youth Panel’s vision for the future’, London Transport Museum. Lauren Price (left) and Ho-Kit Lam, Youth Panel members. October 24, 2023

About the Youth Panel exploration

The exploration has involved public hearings, workshops, and interviews with a range of expert witnesses and thought leaders on the associated issues. Some of the questions they discuss include:


How can we embed this commitment into everything we do in a way that is fair and inclusive?


How can we ensure London’s diverse voices help us to develop the most effective actions to deal with the challenge of our time, the climate and ecological emergency?


How can we support a just transition so that everyone benefits from green jobs and health, including the economic benefits of moving towards environmental sustainability?

It is our aim to be a strong, green heartbeat for London. No one has all the answers so young Londoners are vital to helping find them. This exploration by the Youth Panel is an invaluable way of supporting this.

We really value the input and support of the TfL Youth Panel and we’re looking forward to building on their recommendations and work to improve equity, diversity, inclusion and environmental sustainability across our transport network and wider estate.

‘Sustainability and diversity & inclusion is a topic spoken about organisations and those in big companies, but the views and voices of young people are often not heard. Sustainability has been a personal interest of mine since I studied geography, as time goes on, change is required & the Youth Panel is able to provide a collective & collaborative voice for young people across London’

– Ho Kit, Lam (he/him), TfL Youth Panel Sustainability Champion

‘The intersection between Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and Environmental Sustainability is hugely important; and its significance will only increase over time, making it a critical issue for young people. Because of this, we as young people need to be included in the conversation, not just because it directly affects us, but because we are uniquely positioned to help problem-solve, implement change, and shape the future.’

– Lauren Price (she/her), Youth Panel Member

The Youth Panel recommendations

Approach to community engagement 🙋‍♀️

TfL should improve its approach to developing place-based projects, by strengthening its early and ongoing community consultation and engagement. 

Young Travel Ambassadors 🚇

TfL should establish and manage area-based Youth Travel Ambassadors across London.

Citizens’ Assembly 🏢

TfL should create a standing Citizens’ Assembly to improve its approach to proposals for sustainability issues that can be addressed by or are impacting TfL.   

Representation at TfL board meetings 🧑🏽‍💼

There should be TfL Youth Panel representation at TfL Board meetings, committees, and panels.

Diversity of delivery 📈

TfL should ensure and evidence that all investment decisions consider Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability.

Opening land and buildings to communities 🏗

TfL should support communities to make more use of its underutilised land and buildings.

Communications 📝

TfL should enhance and diversify its approach to communications across platforms to improve the targeting of wider audiences and the inclusion of sustainability issues.

Barriers to inclusive sustainable travel

TfL should publish its plans on how it will do more to reduce the barriers to sustainable travel, with a focus on ethnic minority groups, people with physical and mental health conditions, and those from deprived backgrounds.

Climate change impacts 🌎

TfL should identify and target interventions to reduce inequalities between different communities in relation to impacts of flooding and extreme heat risk across London’s transport network and the TfL estate.

Behind the scenes at the exploration

To inform their work, the Youth Panel hold hearings at City Hall with experts and leading voices.

  • Melania Santoro, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging 
  • Dr Mengqiu Cao – Senior Lecturer in Transport, Logistics and Urban Planning at the School of Architecture and Cities, University of Westminster.
  • Mei-Yee Man Oram, Access and Inclusive Environments Lead, Arup 
  • Beth Howgate – Head of UK Influencing at Save the Children
  • Jon Alexander, Co-founder of New Citizen Project and Author 
  • James Lee, TfL Independent Disability Advisory Group Member
  • Emer O’Connell – Consultant in Public Health (FFPH), specialist expertise in climate, environment and public health.
  • Ashok Sinha – CEO of the London Cycling Campaign and Chair of the London Sustainable Development Commission
  • Robin Hutchinson – Director of The Community Brain
  • Ollie More – Senior Policy Officer for London, Sustrans (sustainable transport charity)
  • Oscar Wong – Manager at Deloitte, London Mayor’s Young Professionals Panel and London Young Planner of the Year.
  • Siân Berry AM – Former chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee
  • Anjali Raman-Middleton – Co-Founder of Choked Up, Clean air & climate activist, A-level student & Advocacy Academy Alumna

Watch what happens at a hearing 👇🏿

About the Youth Panel

Our Youth Panel are a brave and courageous voice for young people in London. They keep the societal issues central to us at the heart of our actions. They also challenge and work collaboratively with TfL, using their unique lived experiences to propose ambitious solutions, to build a liveable and successful London that serves all young people. 
The panel also support, inspire and advocate for young people to have a stake in an inclusive, safe and sustainable London that young people are proud to live in. We all want young people to feel empowered with no limitations in how they experience and travel around London. 
We value the human connections that make London the best city in the world, recognising the diverse challenges that young Londoners face, therefore the Youth Panel harness their creativity to stand out and be recognised as a powerful and engaging collective. 

You can learn more about the TfL Youth Panel and the work they do here.

  • TfL Youth Panel in a hearing at City Hall
  • TfL Youth Panel sitting at desks at a hearing in City Hall

Get involved 👋

If you have expert knowledge or experience on the issues that the Youth Panel are interested in get in touch [email protected]

You can learn more about Youth Panel and our approach to sustainability

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