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To support Londoners through the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across all London boroughs, the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme is providing financial assistance to help take the most highly polluting vehicles off the road and clear London’s air.

TfL has recruited a large number a number of transport partners including bike and e-bike purchase or hire, car and van clubs, e-cargo bike purchase or hire companies and others, many of whom are making exclusive offers available to Londoners who are eligible for the scrappage scheme. Many of these partners are also providing special offers for Londoners who aren’t scrapping a vehicle too – as TfL is keen to encourage everyone in London to adopt more sustainable, less polluting modes of transport. Head to the TfL website to find out more.

Organisations we are working with have submitted offers, see how they are supporting Londoner’s prepare for London-wide ULEZ.


Volt E-bikes

London’s air quality challenge is one that is not easy to overcome, with such a concentrated amount of people and businesses in one city it is clearly a task all Londoners will need to play their part in fighting.

At VOLT our mission is to electrify UK cycling and increase the adoption of environmentally friendly and healthier transport modes. We’re here to help charities, small business, and individuals reduce their carbon emissions and we’re pleased to be partnering with TfL on their scrappage scheme.

With recent partnerships with businesses like the NHS and Deliveroo, we have been helping people and businesses in London make the switch to e-bikes as part of the drive to improve London’s air quality.

Operating out of London Bridge, with all our bikes built here in the UK, VOLT has been dedicated to driving forward the sustainable transport agenda for over a decade. We are the go-to resource within the active transport sector; promoting sustainable active transport and advising on sustainable transport strategies for business, charities and public sector across the UK.

Learn more about the benefits of e-bikes, and book a test ride.

Cargo bikes

The Bullitt Cargo Bike From Copenhagen

Larry and Harry are the masterminds behind the Bullitt cargo bike and as Copenhageners and old friends, they have always biked as much as they could, not just because it is green, cool or cheap, but because it is the fastest, most convenient way to get around town.

Dedicated to creating the perfect do-it-all cargo bike they wanted a bike that could replace much of the functionality of a car in the city, but would also be a desirable object. That’s a tough challenge because, let’s face it, cars are functional. The problem with cars, of course, is running costs, endless traffic jams and emissions. The Bullitt is the practical and environmentally friendly solution to getting around quickly, safely, and even stylishly.

And if you want some assistance, the Shimano STePS eBullitt system includes a 250W, 36-volt electric drive unit, that will help get you up to speed, but cuts out at 15.5mph (25km/h). You can go faster than that if you want but any speeds over 15.5mph have to be generated by either pedalling or gravity alone.

Larry vs Harry only makes quality kit, so if it’s got “Larry vs Harry” on it, you know it’s built to last. The Original Bullitt cargo bike is over 12 years old and has been tested on roads the world over. You can still see the very first Bullitts out there riding and still look good!

The Bullitt cargo bike is a game-changer. It’s dirt cheap in comparison to running a vehicle; cycling is healthy and you will be amazed at how much time you save.

Find out about Bullitt Cargo Bike.

Car clubs

Travelling sustainably in London with Enterprise

Plans to improve air quality in London by removing older, polluting vehicles from the roads present an opportunity to encourage people to travel more sustainably. As the world’s largest mobility provider, Enterprise plays an important role in promoting sustainable travel and helping people access shared transport.

A recent survey* showed that 46% of Londoners consider car rental and car club services to be a realistic alternative to private car ownership. All Enterprise vehicles in London are ULEZ compliant, and with more than 10,000 vehicles in branches, on-street and close to many railway stations, people can access a range of alternative and flexible transport options near to where they live and work.

Enterprise has two promotional offers for those living in the ULEZ: the London Resident Discount and the TfL Scrappage Scheme Discount for eligible users including people who receive disability benefits. Customers with disabilities can also nominate a surrogate driver at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Enterprise Car Club and request vehicle adjustments to their daily rental vehicle at no additional cost.

*September 2022, Enterprise Holdings commissioned JL Partners to undertake a nationally representative poll of 2,000 UK adults

Find out about Enterprise Car Club.

How to save money and help reduce air pollution with Zipcar UK

As Londoners, we’re all aware of the growing problem of air pollution in our beloved capital. But what changes can we make on an individual level to help do our bit to improve air quality?

Getting rid of your own car and switching to car sharing with Zipcar is one of the most impactful changes you can make to help reduce air pollution, whilst still ensuring you’ve got a car when you need it.

When we get rid of our own car, we’re more likely to use a wider range of transport choices – picking the most appropriate one for each journey we make. Research has shown that car club members walk, cycle, and take public transport more than the average Londoner, helping to reduce congestion and air pollution. For example, 30% of car club members used a bike three times per week compared to only 9% of Londoners as a whole.

All Zipcar’s cars are ULEZ compliant, and we also have over 600 electric cars to choose from, with a vision to be fully electric by 2025, so you can do your bit to reduce air pollution in London every time you have to drive. 

And best of all, switching to car sharing can save you money! Zipcar’s research estimates you can save up to 57% against the average cost of owning and running a vehicle in London, that’s over £3,000 per year.

To help you save even more, Zipcar is supporting the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme by providing up to £1,000 in driving credit to low-income households and small businesses who scrap their private car.

Car rental


Reasons to Scrap Your Car, and Car Share Instead

Eligible and interested in scrapping your car through the TfL ULEZ Scrappage Scheme… but not sure what comes next for you in terms of vehicle ownership? Hiyacar has an affordable, convenient and sustainable solution… car sharing. Hiyacar is offering those who scrap their car through this scheme up to £2k in Hiyacar Credits, so that you can have regular access to a conveniently-located local vehicle that meets your needs, and doesn’t require the financial-input or hassles associated with private car ownership.

Car sharing saves you money and hassle

The list of costs associated with private car ownership is endless… from MOTs, road tax and car insurance to cleaning and servicing costs, to the rising price of fuel, not to mention the stress associated with keeping track of these. When car sharing with Hiyacar, each hire is covered by their bespoke car sharing insurance and MOT, servicing, cleaning and road tax costs won’t be your responsibility. 

You may find yourself making fewer journeys

Through the (though easy) process of renting a car, rather than stepping into your own vehicle, renters find themselves reflecting on whether the journey they’re wanting to make is actually necessary to be taken by car. With this in mind, we’ve heard from car sharers that they’ve opted to walk or cycle more when relying on car sharing – helping drivers cut down on car usage, just through their not having access to a privately-owned vehicle.

Find out more about Hiyacar.

Car subscription

Breathe Cars

Whilst cleaning up our cities air requires all of us to commit to making a difference for a better future, Breathe Cars helps everyone change their car to a fully electric vehicle without long-term commitments. 

When considering a new car, alongside the environmental impact there are many factors we have to consider. How much will it cost to run? Where will I get serviced? How can it be charged up? Thankfully, Breathe are on hand to help you answer all these questions and more. 

Say farewell to the stress and admin of getting a new electric car and let Breathe take care of everything. From helping with home charging to managing all the service work you might need, Breathe provide a fully managed subscription service to get you on the road without any hassle. 

As a subscription service, Breathe provide shiny new Tesla’s without any long-term commitment, much like your Netflix subscription. 

With guiding principles of ‘caring more’ and ‘saving more’, Breathe was created to help clean up London’s air and are closely connected to all their drivers which is why they have such a high Trustpilot rating. 

Simple, no-strings electric vehicle subscriptions for a better, healthier London.

Find out about Breathe’s subscription.

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Successful scrappage applicants can unlock several exclusive offers:

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