Q&A with Done London

Close up of Done London Tube map t-shirt

Done London are one of our longest standing licensing partners and we have been collaborating with them for five years. As a small, independent streetwear brand, it’s always exciting to see how they use our brand assets to create their products.

Done London logo

SS23 collection

The latest collection features the Harry Beck Tube map (which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year), the Roundel, Johnston font, and poster artwork from our archive collection. 

Interview with the team at Done London

To mark another impressive release with the brand, we asked the Done London team a few questions about the collection and what it’s like working with us.

πŸ—£οΈ What made you want to work with Transport for London? 

We’ve always loved the aesthetic of the Tube. We jumped at the opportunity to work with TfL. Not to mention that you hold one of the most impressive design archives in the world!  

πŸ—£οΈ How have you found the overall experience of collaborating with us? 

Working with TfL has been a great experience. Becoming part of your rich design tradition is something that fills us with an enormous sense of pride.

πŸ—£οΈ What are your favourite pieces in the collections you’ve created with us so far?  

Some highlights include our Man Ray t-shirts, probably our favourite poster design from the TfL archive, and our Moquette jackets, our first ever cut and sew pieces, so a landmark product for us. The term ‘cut’ and sew is a manufacturing process used in the making of garments within the fashion industry.

πŸ—£οΈ TfL has so many icons (the Roundel, Mind the Gap, the Tube map), which is your favourite? 

The ‘Ton of Bricks’ tile motif at Brixton Station (Hans Unger 1969). Not only do I love the design, but being a Brixton local I’ve passed this artwork so many times that it holds dear to me. It represents a part of London I’ve spent so much of my life in.

Done London x TfL collection

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